What is Fu's Subcutaneous Needle (FSN) used for?

FSN is used for pain management. By winding and tightening the collagen fibers around the needle shafts, pain is relieved from the affected areas. Additionally, dispersion of nociceptive substances and PH balance has also been observed in skeletal muscles.

Why we love FSN?

1. One of the reasons to love FSN is safety, only involves a single tissue subcutaneous loose connective tissue;

2. Effective, immediate effect ;

3. The repeatability is strong;

4. The fourth is simple, convenient;

5. The five , long-term curative effect is good;

6. It can be diagnosed 

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What is the process like?

FSN needles are distally inserted to the affected area. The needles are then manipulated and act on soft connective tissue (subcutaneous layer),  where collagen fibers are most abundant.  During the manipulation of the needle, collagen fibers would then wind and tighten around the needle shaft. FSN abstains from the muscle and deep fascia layers.


Dr. Zhonghua Fu performing FSM.